Ultimate GP Basebreakers
Jay Flannery - Joe Gallagher - Tony Bombardo

Syracuse Radio - 62 WHEN
62 WHEN Syracuse, NY 62 WHEN
PM driver Jay Flannery with perennial MVP / Mid-day man, Joe Gallagher

Forever the crowd pleasers
...honorary grounds keepers and part-time carnival workers, Jay Flannery (L) and Joe Gallagher "strike" a threatening pose for all believers. What more can we possibly say...other than...have these Basebreakers ever heard of rock hard abs??? And guys!! Those caps! Where e-v-e-r did you get those caps?
Now, the true identities of these two WHEN DJs revealed... click here

Circa - 1980

WHEN Radio Traffic Reporter Captain Scott King - (Tony Bombardo)

(Left) 1984 - Our esteemed pitcher and Air Traffic Reporter Captain Scott King with his "stuffed" flying sidekick, Billy, who in this photo is seen (doing what else?) kicking the good captain in the side! (Look close)

Photo - July 18, 1984 - Phoenix Register

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