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62WHEN.com A Syracuse Radio Retrospective

Lots of pics ...and other good stuff...
Return now to those thrilling ...and fun radio days of yesteryear...

Meet some of our wacky staff

(A)  Bob Carolin 'n Jeanne Wilson - The Dynamic Duo who steered the good ship "62"

(B)  Joanie - Guaranteeing WHEN 's air to always be kissing fresh

(C)  Cathy - Giving new meaning to the term "computer mouse."

(D)  Kim -    Guided station tours via rickshaw ...only 10 cents

(E)  Julie -  Remembered most for her "Dance of the 6 1/2 veils."

(F)  Ken Baglino-  Now we know how Jonah must have felt.

(G)  Karen and Mo - Complain...complain...complain

(H)  Steve Perry and Steve Smith of Journey visit 62 WHEN  (Aug. 1980)

(I)  The Captain and Diane - 1982 

(J)  That Ad!

(K)  Memos 

(L)  Easter Penn Can Mall Appearance 1979

(M)  250  names of former WHEN Staffers with corresponding e-mail links

(N)  Doug Brode 62 WHEN Entertainment Critic - "The End"

(O)  Bruce Seigel - WHEN Production Director  a.k.a. "Boogaloo Brucie"

(P)  Ray and Jay - WHEN's answer to Farmer McGregor and Old McDonald

(Q)  Peter King with TV Broadcasters Rod Wood, Anne Lilly and Jan Gibson

(R)   Peter King and The Name Game

(S)  WHEN Sales Promotion flyer 1985

(T)  Former PM Driver Alan Peterson today

(U)  And now... A Little Trivia...

(V)  Peter King and Bob Mitchell 2002

(W)  The 62 WHEN Heavy Vette Lives (in Iowa)!!!

(X)  You Know You're an Aging D.J. when...

(Y)  Program Director Deane Parkhurst at the helm at James Street Studio  - circa 1968

(Z)  Best Station Awards Nomination / BM/E Magazine

(aa)  Hotel Syracuse Winners Party - Jay - Dick - Bruce - Ray 1979

(bb)  Bob Carolin and Harry Hagan 1978

(cc)  62's WHEN's "Hall" of fame

(dd)  Newswatch 62 - Donna Speziale - Jim Gilchiest - Bill Pfohl  5/1987

(ee)  Jay Flannery publicity photo - 1987

(ff)  Bob Carolin's right hand lady - Karen Taylor Gallagher - 1983

(gg)   Promotion Director Cindy Thomason - 1983

(hh)  Rolling Thunder???  - late 70's...mid 80's

(ii)  WHEN Billboard for Jerry Morgan (early 70s)

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62WHEN.com - A Syracuse Radio Retrospective

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